Forge DevCon 2018

Well, it has been a while since I have written anything here. It is time to get back at it a bit. One of the highlights of my year last year was being able to present at the Autodesk Forge DevCon in Las Vegas in November of 2018. That was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone to speak in front of so many people. I was fortunate to be able to co-present with Michael Beale of Autodesk and he lead me through the whole process.

My idea was using progressive web app technology to use some of the Autodesk Forge Cloud platforms while temporarily offline. Specifically how you could use the fetch and cache api’s to pull down the files required for the viewer to function and then view the data while offline.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to check out the video below.

Creating Flexible Offline Workflows Using Autodesk Forge