Inventor, Addins, Modeless WPF Window

If you are building an add in for Inventor and want to setup your window to be modeless and always on top of Inventor itself, like a toolbar, you need to set the Owner property of the window itself and you can use the value stored in the “MainFrameHWND” property of the Inventor application object passed to your addin.

The not so straight forward part is that the Owner property expects a reference to a Window object and all we have is the handle to the Inventor window.

public partial class MyAddinWindow : Window
    public MyAddinWindow(int inventorWindowHandle)

        // setup loaded event
        Loaded += (s, e) =>
            WindowInteropHelper wih = new WindowInteropHandler(this);
            wih.Owner = (IntPtr) inventorWindowHandle;

Missing Packages After Cloning

Just a quick post!

Ever clone your .NET solution to a new computer and find that all of your nuget packages are missing?

Right-clicking on your solution and selecting "Restore Nuget Packages" doesn’t seem to do anything? This happens to me and then I never remember the command and have to google it. This time, I am going to write it down!

How To Do It

Open up your Package Manager Console window. It should be on the bottom, but if it isn’t, in your pull down menus, goto Tools | Nuget Package Manager | Package Manager Console. This was for Visual Studio 2019, but probably the same for 2017.

At the command prompt type:

update-package -reinstall

And that’s it! You should find all your annoying yellow warning triangles gone.